The White Plains Youth Bureau celebrated Women’s History Month on Thursday, March 10th with its “Women Who Serve” celebration. The 2nd Annual Women’s History Month program is an opportunity to celebrate the role women play in our community. Frank Williams, Jr. Youth Bureau Executive Director comments, “At every level in our society, women have stood shoulder to shoulder with men transforming our society for the good.” The theme of the program is “Women Who Serve.”
This year’s program also paid tribute to Harriet Tubman, an American abolitionist, and political activist. The City of White Plains and the White Plains BID will receive the Harriet Tubman “Journey to Freedom” Sculpture in April. The sculpture will be placed at Renaissance Plaza in White Plains, April 1 st through June 30th. Karen Hill, President and CEO of the
Harriet Tubman Home, has been invited to speak and share words about the occasion.
Mayor Tom Roach remarks that “Women are the backbone of our community and it’s important that we
celebrate their legacies and contribution to our society. We are a far better community because women lead in all aspects of our community.”

The White Plains Youth Bureau will honor fifteen “Women Who Served” White Plains and Westchester County with distinction.

They are: Sorraya Sampson, President and CEO Urban League of Westchester County,
Allison Lake, Executive Director of Westchester Children’s Association; Polly Kerrigan, President and CEO
of Family Services of Westchester; Heather Miller, Executive Director of Thomas Slater Center;
Dr. DaMia Harris-Madden, Executive Director of Westchester County Youth Bureau; Denise BrooksJones, Acting Director of White Plains Housing Authority, Brittany B. Brandwein, Executive Director of
White Plains BID; Anahaita N. Kotval, Chief Executive Officer of Lifting Up Westchester; Kathy Halas,

Executive Director of the Child Care Council of Westchester; Isabel Villar, Executive Director of El Centro
Hispano; Kerry Whelan-Megley, Executive Director of Family Ties of Westchester; Cynthia Delfino,
President and CEO of the YMCA of Central and Northern Westchester; Ellen Morehouse ,Executive
Director of Student Assistance Services; Diane Rosenthal, Executive Director of Student Advocacy and
Janet Langsam, CEO of Arts Westchester.