Be a part of the YMCA family

There are many way to contribute to the YMCA:

Emergency Child Care

The YMCA of Central and Northern Westchester and local schools have jointly established emergency child care at the White Plains and Somers YMCA locations. Your donation helps us serve those on the front line of the pandemic.

Pool Heater Fundraiser

At Camp Combe, we are looking to place a heater in the pool. With the assistance of the heater we will be able to have the water warm enough for the younger children to be able to have swimming lessons, able to keep the pool open longer during the year and to begin having the pool available to the community.

Giving Levels

These contributions allow the YMCA to provide services to children and their families.

Founders $20,000+
Leadership Circle $5,000- $9,999
Millennium $2,000-$4,999
Roundtable $1,000-$1,999
Youth Sponsor $5000-$999
Youth Patron $250-$499
Century Club $100-$249
Friends Up to $99

Amazon Wish List

On the Amazon Wishlist you will find items that we are always in need for. If you would like to help with supplies for our camp, programs, and/or activities. Please check it out.

Facebook Fundraiser

Doing a Facebook Fundraiser? Consider the YMCA! You can set up your Facebook Fundraiser to help us support the community and the families within.

Potential fundraising target: $1,000- $30,000 The WHY: Many of our campers love to learn and to spend their summer in the outdoors. We would like to build a tree house village to give the campers a learning experience at new heights. The dream to have multiple tree houses connected by rope bridges between the trees here at camp. This project includes an abundance of lumber and building supplies. We need funding to build the tree houses, do the landscaping, and outfit them with lighting and technology.

Potential fundraising target: $50-$5,000. The WHY: “Help our campers work on their motor skills while having fun at camp! We are in need of a new playground for our younger campers and new additions to our high rope element for our older campers. A playground can boost the camper’s balance, motor skills and coordination. The playground would include swings, slides, monkey bars, bridges, games, etc. The high rope element will include a climbing wall and rope bridge.

Potential fundraising target: $200 and up. A new computer can be up to $1500, a new iPad could be $250, a GoPro is $200. The WHY: Technology gets SO beat up here at Camp Combe! We love to take pictures and have our campers create videos and art using technology, but let’s be honest… We’re a CAMP! So things get dirty and broken pretty easily. Our cameras, computers, and iPads are all getting VERY out of date and we could really use some new ones. You can help!

Amazon Smile

Shop through Amazon Smile and designate your charity to be the YMCA. Portion of your purchase price will go to helping a children and families in our communities.

Lyft Round Up & Donate

Contributions to the Y through Lyft Round Up & Donate are tax deductible. Donations will support the Y’s efforts to create access and opportunity for young people. 

Legacy Gift

Throughout our lives, most of us strive to make a difference, providing gifts to people and causes we value. It would be wonderful to know that you can continue to change lives even after you’re gone – creating a legacy of support – for future generations. 

For more information about leaving a Legacy gift to the YMCA of Central and Northern Westchester please contact Stephanie MacKay, Executive Assistant, at 914.287.2021.

The Heritage Club

The Heritage Club is a circle of friends who share a commitment to the financial stability of the Y and a belief that the life-changing programs must continue – for future generations. At its core, this community of caring people is dedicated to meeting the needs of others –through a legacy that lasts forever.

The purpose of the Club is to encourage thoughtful gifts as a primary means to build a strong endowment and to recognize the leadership and devotion to the Y that has created this heritage.

What to Give

  • Outright Gifts – Immediate gifts of cash, appreciated securities, real or tangible property.
  • Wills and Revocable Living Trusts – Retain assets during your life and designate the Y in your will or trust.
  • Charitable Trusts – Provides you with income during your lifetime and then transfers to the Y. 
  • Life Insurance – Transfer policy to the Y or name Y as beneficiary.
  • Charitable Lead Trusts – Make payments from a trust to the Y for a specified number of years and then assets pass to your heirs. 
  • Beneficiary Designations – Add the Y as a revocable beneficiary for a qualified IRA, pension plan, bank account or insurance policy.