Program Hours: Differ by location, please call for information on specific sites.

The Preschool program offers a warm, safe and secure environment for your child to grow and learn. Our caring staff guide each child through experiences that focus on their mental and physical development.

Our Preschool program incorporates the Developmental-Interaction Approach to learning. This philosophy stresses the inseparability of the child’s emotional life from his or her intellectual and physical development. Children’s understanding of information is carefully documented and represented in many forms. Portfolios are maintained by staff as a means of assessing children’s areas of strength and need.

In the Preschool program, social experiences are viewed as the key to later academic success. We consider it vital that children learn to be aware of their emotions, to identify and discuss them, become aware of their needs and be able to negotiate resolutions with other children and caregivers.

Hello Ms. Shana,

I’m just reflecting today on what an excellent, loving, enriching preK experience my children had at the Learning Center and I wanted to reach out to all of you amazing teachers. I hope you have been doing ok during the pandemic. I would love an update on how the staff are doing. We still have the book you prepared for G and C when they moved and it is so touching.

We have been in four different preKs in Texas and haven’t found anything close to the quality you delivered. I am truly grateful beyond measure. G is going into 2nd grade and tested into a math and science magnet school program. C was reading fluently at age 4 and is now going into Kindergarten reading as well as G. It’s amazing. G still loves art. He has taken to pulling things out of the recycling bin and using them in at-home art projects. C loves to run and has become a strong defender in soccer. 

Please let me know how you’re all doing and if there’s anything I can do to continue to support your work and mission.

xoxo, N

Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program (UPK)

The YMCA’s Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) program serves 4—5 year old children in warm, nurturing, supportive classes staffed by experienced, dedicated New York State-certified early childhood education teachers and aides.

Universal Pre-K is approved by the New York State Department of Education in collaboration with the White Plains City School District, licensed by the New York State Office of Children & Family Services and staffed by New York State-certified early childhood education teachers.

UPK works in partnership with parents and recognizes them as the primary teachers of their children. Parents are encouraged to become part of their child’s educational experience by participating in classrooms, group meetings, and teacher conferences.

UPK is sensitive to each family’s lifestyle, values and cultural preferences. Each child is viewed as unique and is guided to reach his/her potential. Class size and a high adult/child ratio support individuality. Children are encouraged to problem-solve, experiment with developmentally appropriate materials and establish social relations through self-directed activities and special projects.

Universal Pre-K Educational Goals:

§  To provide a developmentally appropriate, child-centered, comprehensive, individualized and family-focused early childhood education program

§  To prepare children for kindergarten, excited about learning and ready to succeed

§  To adhere to the New York State Department of Education’s Pre-Kindergarten Learning Standards.

§  To have children enjoy learning through play, both individually and in small groups with peers

§  To enhance the talents, abilities and strengths of every child

§  To efficiently integrate with the White Plains City School District

White Plains YMCA Preschool / UPK Supplies List

Please bring the following items with you on the first day of school

  • 2 Pack of Jumbo Pencils (Dixon Ticonderoga Wooden Pencils)
  • – Primary Composition Notebooks (2)
  • -1 Box Washable Thick Markers
  • -1 Box Crayons
  • -Jumbo Glue Sticks pack of 2
  • – Tissue Box (2)
  • – Pack of Lysol Wipes or Disinfecting wipes (2)           
  • – Ziplock bags gallon size
  • – Face mask
  • – Baby wipes
  • – Change of clothes In the event of an accident (Shirt, pants, socks, underwear) please have all clothing labeled with first and last name.
  • -Bedding (small blanket and crib size sheet)
  • – Water bottle with name on it

Thank you for helping our classroom!

Registration for the YMCA Toddler Care is ongoing on a space-available basis.

To learn more call or email:

White Plains location –Margarita Pineiro, Director of Childcare (914)949-8030 ext. 204

North Salem location – Shana Jack,
(914)276-2398 ext. 224