The YMCA Camp Combe is dedicated to constantly evaluating our practices to evolve with the most up-to-date information regarding COVID-19. Our aim is to keep our families and staff as safe and healthy as possible while continuing to provide services to our families in need. Please read thoroughly as we are asking for our entire YMCA Camp Combe community to assist us in maintaining the overall health of everyone.



  • If a child has potentially been exposed to Covid-19 we require a negative test before that child can return to the program.
  • Staff & Campers will have their hands sanitized upon arrival at camp
  • Screening questions may be asked upon arrival to camp or bus stop


Throughout the Day:

  • Campers and staff will sanitize hand when arriving at a new activity and when leaving an activity
  • Equipment will be sanitized after use and/or removed from use of another group
  • Each activity station will have hand sanitizer or a hand washing station available for use throughout the time there
  • Groups will minimize co-mingling when in activities and moving throughout the camp day
  • Elimination of soft-toys, slime, playdough and other items unable to be sanitized
  • Campers will be regularly reminded to not touch faces
  • All high-touch surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized regularly


  • Bus campers will be called separately to avoid mixing on their way to boarding their busses
  • Pick-Up Campers will be kept socially distant from other age groups while waiting for pick-up, and remain distant while being walked to their cars
    • Staff will not touch inside the car when helping campers in

Mask Policy: As per current from DOH Guidance from Summer 2021, camper will be required to wear masks when inside in co-mingle groups, and while ridding the bus.

Vaccination Policy: 2022 DOH Guidance is not yet available


*All policies will be updated as new information becomes available*

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