A big part of the magic of Camp Combe is our emphasis on special events. Crazy theme weeks, Thrilling Thursdays, and all-camp activities are carefully designed to create a sense of unity and belonging and, of course, to make camp FUN! From alien spaceships crash-landing in the parking lot to camp-wide color wars, every week brings a new and exciting adventure.

Below is a list of our summer 2020 theme weeks. Check back later or sign up for our newsletter to get notified when summer 2021’s are posted.

1 Party in the USA: Celebrate the USA and come dressed in your favorite red, white and blue.

2 Zootopia: Lions, and Tigers and Bear oh my! Come to the Camp Combe zoo dressed as your favorite animal this week!

3 Back to the Future: Travel through time with Camp Combe and come dressed as your favorite decade.

4 Tropical Oasis: Spend a day at the Camp Combe Beach in your favorite beach wear!

5 2020 Olympics:

6 Happiest camp on Earth: Spend the week at the happiest camp on earth and dress as your favorite Disney character!

7 Gold Rush: Come to the Camp Combe auction house to buy and sell the gold you’ve found!

8 Kingdom Combe: Help protect Kingdom Combe dressed as your favorite medieval times character 

9 So Long Summer: Play our favorite summer games and get ready to say goodbye to another wonderful summer