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YMCA Camp Combe Day Camp

About YMCA Camp Combe

Located on the YMCA of CNW’s beautiful 100 acres facility in Putnam Valley, the  YMCA Camp Combe Day Camp serves campers ages 4-14. Our mini-camp, big camp, and leadership development LIT/CIT programs provide campers with the opportunity to participate in all the traditional camp activities such as swimming, hiking, ziplining, archery, and so much more. YMCA Camp Combe provides campers with the opportunity to grow and explore while surrounded by a community of friends that will last a lifetime!
At YMCA Camp Combe, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our campers. We have implemented extensive health and safety protocols to ensure our campers have a fun and worry-free summer camp experience. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in working with young children. We maintain a low staff-to-camper ratio to ensure each child receives individual attention and support.
One thing we know for sure: Kids need YMCA Camp Combe now more than ever, and There’s No Place Like Combe!

Director of Camp & Teen Services- Shannon Sullivan

Camp Tour:

Want to learn what sets us apart from other camps!

The YMCA’s common thread of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility weaves itself through all of our programs, staff, and campers. In addition, our programs enable children to realize their potential in a place where fun & learning go hand in hand.

Just imagine your child zipping down our zipline, swinging through the trees on our giant swing, trying to get a bullseye at our archery range, or

swimming in our pool. No matter what activities your child participates in during their camp day, your camper will come home the same way every night… tired, dirty, and happy!
Join us this summer for the #bestsummerever because #TheresNoPlaceLikeCombe!

For more information please email our Director of Camp and Teen Services, Shannon Sullivan, at

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YMCA Camp Combe Map

YMCA Camp Combe Map
The Pool Rides In/Rides Out Circle Main Fields Zipline Archery Minicamp Assembly Lower Camp Health Office Upper Camp Health Office Berkshire Playspace Main Office Waterslide Art Ark Cabin Circle Bridge to Upper Camp Giant Swing Treehouses Cabin Circle Restrooms

The Pool

Campers will swim daily, weather permitting. Swim lessons are included as part of the program for our campers age 4 to rising 2nd graders.

Rides In/Rides Out Circle

Morning drop-off is between 8:30 & 9 AM

Afternoon pickup is between 4:30 & 5 PM

Main Fields

A big part of the magic of YMCA Camp Combe is our emphasis on theme weeks/days, and all-camp activities. These are designed to create a sense of unity and belonging and, of course, to make camp FUN! From alien spaceships crash-landing in the parking lot to camp-wide color wars, every week brings a new and exciting adventure.


Zip lining is an action-filled recreational activity for our campers.


Our campers will channel their inner Robin Hood at our archery range.


If you’re looking for a fun and safe introduction to the summer camp experience for your little ones, this is the perfect opportunity. Our minicamp program is specifically designed for young campers, offering various activities tailored to their age group.


Morning assembly including camp songs, cheers and shows.

Lower Camp Health Office

At YMCA Camp Combe, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our campers. We have implemented extensive health and safety protocols to ensure our campers have a fun and worry-free summer camp experience.

Upper Camp Health Office

At YMCA Camp Combe, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our campers. We have implemented extensive health and safety protocols to ensure our campers have a fun and worry-free summer camp experience.

Berkshire Playspace

Designed with our littlest campers in mind, the Berkshire Playspace has multiple interactive play elements to spark the imagination.

Main Office

The camp office is a seasonal office. Please email Shannon Sullivan at to schedule an appointment.


Your camper will have the opportunity to glide through our delightful caterpillar-themed water slide, enjoying a playful splash along the way!

Art Ark

Campers discover boundless creativity in our art cabin while exploring various mediums, guided by a skilled instructor.

Cabin Circle

Home base for all of our villages, our cabin circle provides a cabin for each village to call their own. Stocked with age appropriate games and activities these cabins provide shelter on rainy days.

Bridge to Upper Camp

Our colorful bridge that beautifully connects upper and lower camp, adds a touch of whimsy and excitement to the journey between the two areas.

Giant Swing

At our camp, the joyous laughter of campers fills the air as they swing among the trees, soaring to new heights on our thrilling Giant Swing.


With three levels to choose from our treehouses offer campers a birds eye view of the camp.

Cabin Circle Restrooms

Meet Shannon Sullivan! 

Recently honored as one of 914INC.’s Wunderkinds, Shannon Sullivan is creating a lasting impact as the Director of Camp & Teen Services at the YMCA of CNW. In this pivotal role, she spearheads the oversight of the organization’s Summer Camp, Teen Leaders, and Youth & Government programs, passionately inspiring and empowering young individuals on a daily basis.

Shannon stands as a beacon of inspiration among her peers, embodying the YMCA’s core values of respect, responsibility, honesty, and caring in every 

facet of her work. Leading by example, she cultivates a culture of inclusivity, empathy, and collaboration, fostering an environment where young people can realize their full potential.

In addition to her role at the YMCA, Shannon serves on the board of the Putnam County Youth Bureau, Hudson Valley Leisure Services Association, and the Hudson Valley Young Professionals. Through her multifaceted involvement, she demonstrates a commitment to community development and the well-being of youth across various platforms.

Under Shannon’s astute leadership, the YMCA of CNW has evolved into a vibrant hub of activity for youth in the region. Her tireless efforts have contributed to the expansion and enhancement of the organization’s programs, creating additional avenues for children and teenagers to learn, grow, and thrive. Whether through outdoor adventures or community service projects, the YMCA of CNW now offers a diverse range of opportunities, a testament to Shannon’s unwavering dedication and hard work.

For those seeking a genuine role model effecting positive change, Shannon Sullivan stands out. She epitomizes the tangible outcomes achievable when belief in oneself aligns with collaborative efforts to shape a better future for all.

Dear Camp Combe Staff,

I have attended Camp Combe for the past 3 years and I have had such an awesome time each year. The entire staff has been totally fabulous each and every year. You make every camper feel welcomed and comfortable. Three years ago I entered Camp Combe as an introvert, but thanks to the staff you brought out my personality. I have made so many friends (including staff) during my  three years and learned so much about respect, kindness and caring. I would like to specifically mention by name the following staff members who have had a positive impact on me this summer:

Gabby (Counselor for Media Arts), Ellen (Assembly), Kevin (Unit Leader), Chris (Assembly), Julie (Art Counselor), Courtney (Huddle/ Summer Science Counselor), Zoey (Art Counselor), Allison (JC Visual Arts), Samantha (JC Visual Arts), Christian (CIT Visual Arts), Emma (CIT Visual Arts).   All you guys rock!!!  Thank you for all the great times this summer.

While this summer is quickly coming to an end for me at Camp Combe, I very much look forward to seeing you again next year.  Enjoy the rest of your summer.

With much thanks and appreciation, JP