Camp Combe Newsletter Week 2

Notes From the Director: 

Though this week was short, it was jammed packed with fun activities! We stayed cool with water games and had games come to life on Thrilling Thursday. We are so excited to have many more campers with us next week! 

Notes From the Pool:

Please make sure campers who pass the deep water swim assessment have their swim band with them every day. They will not be able to borrow a swim band, or swim in the deep end of the pool without it , even if they previously passed the evaluation. This is for the safety of all campers in the pool. 

Notes From The Office:

To pick up your camper, you must provide their pin! All households created a pin upon registration. To find your pin, log into your CampBrain account, click view registration, click the update household information, scroll to the bottom of the page, and locate the PIN box. Please DO NOT change the number, as the number has been printed on rosters already. 

Please be sure your camper is best prepared for camp by sending them with their bathing suit already on under their clothes and send them with a lunch, refillable water bottle, and NO Crocs!

To pick up your camper early, between 12 and 2:30, please call the office a few hours ahead at (845) 526-0808, ext 212.

Call the office to add additional weeks of camp.

If you are dropping off late or picking up early, please make sure to park in the designated Visitor’s Spot and walk with your camper to the main office. New to Rides Out next week, when you provide your PIN to our staff, they will give you a slip of paper for every camper that you have pinned. Please hand those papers to the Junior Counselor as your campers enter the car. This way, we can ensure that every camper entering the vehicle was appropriately pinned. 

Notes From The Health Office:

If your child has an allergy that requires an Epi-Pen, please be sure to give that pen to a staff member on or before your child’s first day at camp. Also please be sure to pack a healthy lunch and reusable water bottle for your child every day. 

Next Week’s Information:

Theme: Destination Disney

Tuesday, July 11th, is Responsibility Green Day. Come dressed in green.

Thursday, July 13th, is the most magical camp on Earth Day! 

Campers can come dressed as their favorite Disney character. Costumes are optional.