We are so very proud of the teens in our Teen Leaders Program. This week they are attending the YMCA Northeast Leaders School where they will participate in activities such as:

  • Leadership and teaching skills in Physical Education, Fitness, Sports, Aquatics, Creative Expression, Advocacy, & Volunteerism.
  • Character Development and Values Education in a diverse small group environment.
  • Elective programs in a broad area of interests
  • Special programs including an induction ceremony, banquet, and dance
  • Optional early morning activities, all school evening activities, even meal times are full of energy, learning opportunities and fun!

What is YMCA Northeast Leaders School

YMCA Northeast Leaders School is the premier teen leadership conference in the Northeast. Located at the historic Springfield College, the program serves Teen Leaders from all the states in our region. Staffed by YMCA professionals and volunteers the program is designed to meet the needs of the individual teen by providing them with skill development and valuable personal and group living experiences.

Goals & Objectives

  • Provide training to young people who demonstrate leadership potential
  • To offer a mentoring experience with volunteers and professionals
  • To introduce methods of teaching and leadership skills
  • To enhance leadership capabilities including teaching and performance skills in physical education, aquatics, recreation, character development, and other areas of YMCA youth work
  • To acquire the human relations skills necessary to translate personal values into positive action
  • To have the most amount of fun possible in 5-1/2 days!