Greenville Elementary & Seely Elementary

YMCA After School Programs in the Edgemont Central School District take place at Seely and Greenville Elementary Schools run directly on-site at the schools. Each program is open to those students enrolled within that specific building.


Registration Guidebook School Year 24 – 25 – Please read before registering.

Program Hours:

Greenville Elementary 
After School: 3:00 – 6:30 PM

Seely Elementary
After School: 3:00 -6:30 PM

Edgemont School Age Pricing School Year 24-25

Seely and Greenville

Registration Fee  (Per Child) $50
After School Monthly Rate For 6:30 PM Pickup  Monthly Rate For 5:30 PM Pickup  Monthly Rate For 4:30 PM Pickup
5 Days Per Week $568 $458 $348
4 Days Per Week $507 $397 $287
3 Days Per Week $446 $336 $226
2 Days Per Week $364  $254 $144

How to Register and Set up Payments for the YMCA School Age Programs

Please see the instructions on how to create your family profile here. and register here.

If you have any questions please contact Virginia Ferrara at

You will be using Eleyo,, an online registration system. Please see the instructions on how to create your family profile here.

Once your profile is created you will be able to enroll in programs.


If your child is currently enrolled in one of our programs, the child still needs to be re-enrolled for the upcoming school year.  Childcare contracts do not carry over into the next school year.  


 Available for qualifying families. Please contact Virginia Ferrara for an application at

Students are dismissed to the Y from their classrooms, where they are checked in and greeted by our staff. We will provide snack time, followed by a quick meeting where they are given the activities and announcements for the day.

Once snack and meeting time is finished, the children will be able to participate in homework time or can begin activities, depending on their needs. Our activities are center based (we set up various stations that the children can move through based on their interests). Centers include arts & crafts, STEM, writing and drawing, building, and more. We also have time set aside each day for physical activity, including group games. Weather permitting, we try to get outside daily. 

My name is MS and my son LS, attends the Y academy program at Greenville Elementary in the Edgemont School District. L is a second grader and I found out this week that the school is planning to bring back children in k-2 for full-time in-person instruction. I am just waiting for more details so I know exactly when this change is going to go into effect. I know that full-time school will be beneficial for my son but I am struggling with the change a bit due to the wonderful experience L has had at the Y program each day. This year has obviously been difficult for children and adults alike and the Y program has been a place that brings my son immense joy! L leaves the Y every single day with a huge smile and happily recounts stories about the day. Several weeks ago I was given the option of L going back to school full day (prior to it becoming mandated) because he has an IEP for support services. I know it is important for him to be in the classroom but I couldn’t say yes to that offer. L LOVES being at the Y and I didn’t want to take him away from the place that makes him most happy. Chris, Jackie and Joe are all amazing people and it is an understatement to say how blessed I feel having them care for L each day. Chris, Joe and Jackie are fabulous workers and provided something that no one else has been able to do this terrible year! They make him laugh, they make him smile, they provide academic structure and support, they show interest in his interests and they make him feel special. When I opted out of the optional full day school program, I emailed L’s principal, teacher and school therapist to explain my decision. I explained to them, how important an outlet the Y has been for L and I didn’t want to take him out of a place that brings him so much joy. My emails to school staff detailed all of the important aspects of the Y, particularly the relationships L has formed with Chris, Joe, and Jackie. At this time, L has no choice but to return to school full-time. Again, I do know it will be goodness we are going to miss the Y team. Although Chris, Joe, and Jackie are unique individuals, all three of them are truly exceptional! Truly, truly exceptional! I could not have asked for a more perfect team to care for my little guy. Thank you to the Y for setting up this academy program to help families manage during these difficult times. From an extremely appreciative mom...thank you Chris, Joe, and Jackie! Sincerely, MS