Camp Combe YMCA Programs

This is our first experience with Camp Combe and we are blown away!! Our boys are having the summer of their lives thanks to your amazing staff. We are so grateful- especially in these difficult times- that our kids get a bit of fun and “normalcy” at this camp. Thank you so much!!
Warmest regards, M & C M

The information below was for the summer 2020 season. Please check back later, or sign up for our newsletter to get notified when our 2021 programs are posted.

MinicampAges 4-5  (PreK-Kindergarten)

Our Mini Camp program is carefully designed to blend the structure and support of a traditional
pre-school setting with the wonderful world of summer camp.  Small group sizes (8 children per group), low ratios, and staff carefully chosen for their experience working with young children ensure that all campers have a nurturing, successful and very fun first camp experience.  Activities include swimming, nature education, arts and crafts, free play, music, drama and games. “Big Camp” activities like morning assembly, sports, and hiking are introduced in a developmentally sensitive way. Our Mini Camp facilities include a  large cabin with indoor play space and covered eating area and an enclosed natural playground and giant hillside slide.


Swim lessons are now INCLUDED as part of this program.

Big Camp – Rising Grades 1ST-8TH

The heart and soul of Camp Combe, “Big Camp” is a traditional day camp program that has one overriding objective – FUN. During these 1 week sessions campers, grouped in huddles of the same gender and age, hike, make crafts, explore nature, sing, swim, and play games of all sorts. As in all our programs, the staff work to teach and reward the YMCA core values of honesty, respect, responsibility, and caring.


Berkshire Village – rising 1st & 2nd graders
Himalayan Village – rising 3rd & 4th graders
Andes Village – rising 5th & 6th graders
Appalachian Village – rising 7th & 8th graders

Swim lessons are  included as part of the program for rising 1st & 2nd graders.

Culinary Camp – Rising Grades 3RD – 8TH

In each exciting 1 week session, budding young chefs will have the chance to learn kitchen skills and the art of cooking from a culinary professional in our full facility kitchen.  Small group sizes will make this program a true exploration of meal planning, preparation, and of course…tasting!  In keeping with the YMCA’s Health Living motto your child will learn nutritional facts such as the difference between good carbs and bad carbs and the benefits of garden to table foods by exploring the Camp Combe garden. As with all our specialty camps your camper gets “best of both worlds”, Culinary Camp campers will spend 2 hours exploring the culinary arts and the rest of their day engaging in their favorite Camp Combe activities:  morning assembly, swimming, archery, field games, and so much more!

If your camper has dietary restrictions please see our dates sheet for our Gluten Free and Allergy Aware weeks. These are the only 2 weeks that the menu will cater to campers with food allergies. Also please be aware that, while we do our best to sanitize everything used daily, the same utensils and pots and pans are used all summer.


Week 2 Cookbook 2019
Week 3 Cookbook 2019
Week 4 Cookbook 2019
Week 5 Cookbook 2019
Week 6 Cookbook 2019
Week 7 Cookbook 2019
Week 8 Cookbook 2019

Week 1 Cookbook 2018
Week 2 Cookbook 2018
Week 3 Cookbook 2018
Week 4 Cookbook 2018
Week 5 Cookbook 2018
Week 6 Cookbook 2018
Week 7 Cookbook 2018

Week 1 Cookbook 2017
Week 2 Cookbook 2017
Week 5 Cookbook 2017
Week 6 Cookbook 2017
Week 7 Cookbook 2017
Week 8 Cookbook 2017

Week 1 Cookbook 2016
Week 2 Cookbook 2016
Week 5 Cookbook 2016
Week 6 Cookbook 2016
Week 7 Cookbook 2016
Week 8 Cookbook 2016

Media Arts – Rising Grades 3RD – 8TH

A fun alternative to our outdoor based programming, Media arts camp allows campers to specialize in creating their art. This program allows campers to spend each week exploring their artistic side with a different form of art medium. Small group instruction, low ratios, and caring instructors allow children to explore and develop new skills in a supportive and fun environment. In and around Media Arts activities campers hike, swim, play games and explore camp like other Big Camp participants.

Performing Arts – Rising Grades 3RD – 8TH

We are very proud to bring the excitement and dynamism of children’s performing arts to the children of Camp Combe.  In this one week Performing Arts Camp, campers will spend 2 hours each day learning lines and choreography that will culminate in a show for their fellow campers.  Every camper will have his or her moment in the spotlight and be featured with lines and solos.  All levels of talent and experience welcome! 

As always, our specialty camp campers get the best of both worlds:  When not singing, dancing, and acting, campers will enjoy all of their favorite Camp Combe activities:  morning assembly, swimming,
high ropes, archery, field games, and so much more!  Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

Summer Science – Rising Grades 3RD – 8TH

Is your camper inquisitive? Do they love to see how things work or build science fair projects? Then this is the camp for them. This program is offered in 1 week sessions and will dive and fly into the world of school age science. Today’s campers are tomorrow’s scientists and engineers, doctors and oceanographers but only if they have a chance to explore those worlds. Campers will spend 2 hours each day learning fun facts and participating in fun, but safe, experiments.

As always, our specialty camp campers get the best of both worlds:  When not feeding their minds with new fun facts about the world campers will enjoy all of their favorite Camp Combe activities:  morning assembly, swimming, high ropes, archery, field games, and so much more!

Y-Tech – Minecraft & Lego Robotics – Rising Grades 3RD – 8TH


This program provides a week of adventures in science, engineering, and technology, working with LEGO’s NXT Robotic Kits. Kids learn the fundamentals of design, stability, programming code, teamwork, and problem solving while letting their creative sides flourish. In addition to the Lego Robotics portion of their day, campers enjoy traditional camp activities such as swimming, archery, field games, high ropes and nature.



Our Minecraft camp combines the very best of popular technology (Minecraft!) with opportunities for collaborative learning, creativity and innovation all in a safe and fun setting for your children.  Utilizing the educational version of Minecraft, campers will be encouraged to explore their creativity by building villages, castles, monuments, working machines, and countless other possibilities within the confines of this virtual world.  The emphasis will be exploring how a game kids clearly love can be utilized to foster students’ important 21st century skills, including invention, collaboration, communication, and digital citizenship.  Since late 2011, Minecraft Edu has made its way to thousands of classrooms around the world. It has been used to teach all kinds of skills and subjects from math to foreign languages to social justice to fair trade. When not engaged in the Minecraft curriculum, campers enjoy traditional camp activities such as swimming, archery, field games, high ropes, and nature.

LIT Program – Rising Grades 7TH – 9TH THROUGH 13 YEARS OF AGE

We are excited to offer a 2 week Leader in Training program for our rising 7th – 9th grade campers through the age of 13! Leaders focus on team building, skill development, and self-discovery while having fun at camp. LITs will spend a short portion of their day with huddles of campers from all different age groups, then meet with peers to focus on team initiatives and tasks. Teens will spend time learning about leadership, as well as developing and practicing their skills. Campers will leave our LIT program more resilient, confident, and independent.

CIT Program –
Must Be 14 or Older and Entering, at Least, the 9TH Grade


The first step in our rigorous staff development program, the CIT program is a challenging and rewarding introduction to the world of camp counseling. Combining formal leadership training, service learning opportunities, and daily practical experience working with small groups of children, CIT’s acquire skills to make them more responsible, creative, and mature. Position requires a mandatory training session and a two week minimum commitment.

CIT Applicants should follow this link to COMPLETE AN APPLICATION. Once complete they will need to contact the office to set up an interview and have one, unrelated, adult complete a reference form. The reference form link will be emailed to you upon completion of your online application.