Updated 8/18/2020

The YMCA Early Learning Center is dedicated to constantly evaluating our practices to evolve with the most up-to-date information regarding COVID19. Our aim is to keep our families and staff as safe and healthy as possible while continuing to provide services to our families in need. Please read thoroughly as we are asking for our entire YMCA Early Learning Center community to assist us in maintaining the overall health of everyone.
Reduced Hours of Operation
• We will be open to families from 7:00 a.m. –5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. We will dedicate the end of each day to a thorough sanitizing and disinfecting of toys, classrooms, and common areas. We appreciate your promptness in picking up your child(ren) on time, so our teachers can be diligent with their new cleaning routine.
• Child(ren) temperature(s) will be taken at drop-off, as well as periodically during the day. If your child has a reading of 100.0 or higher, your child will not be permitted to attend the YMCA Early Learning Center until he/she is symptom-free without medication for 72 hours. This adheres to siblings and all family members – if a family member is exhibiting symptoms and/or fever, then all family members must stay home.
• If a child has potentially been exposed to Covid-19 we require a negative test before that child can return to the program.
• Staff temperatures will be taken daily: symptomatic staff members will not return until he/she is symptom-free without medication for 72 hours.
• Staff and children to wash hands or use hand sanitizer upon entry.
Within the Classroom & Center
• Cancellation of Tours & Enrichment activities to reduce visitors within each center at this time.
• Parents/Guardians are not permitted in the building or on the playground at this time.
• Outdoor exploration at on-site playground.
• Consistent Communication: Signs posted and email updates
• Only teachers to serve family-style meals (AM/PM Snack)
• Children’s water bottles washed every day
• Removal of soft toys from the classrooms, only hard toys/surfaces will remain
• Eliminate sensory bins, play dough, and play slime in the classrooms
• Elimination of soft toys coming from home every day
• Children will be advised and reminded to not touch faces
• Increased handwashing in the classroom
• Staff members assigned to hourly disinfection of high-touch areas within the center including but not limited to:
o Door handles
o Cabinet handles
o Handle bar on ramps
o Classroom door, windows
o Light switches
o Bathroom sinks
o Toilet handles
o Baby gates
Updated 8/18/2020
• Staff sign children in/out
• Rotation of open classroom space to allow for intense disinfecting and cleaning of
rooms can happen
• Additional deep cleaning in the kitchen
• Amazon or any packages to be disinfected before entering the center
• Regular disinfecting of playground toys
Social Distancing
• Reduce group sizes
• At pick up and drop off, please limit to one family member dropping off at a time. If there is already a family at the entrance, please wait in your car until they have exited.
• Parents/guardians that drop off or pick up children must be wearing a mask/face covering
• Split group activities whenever possible to keep children physically separated and distanced
• Increase the space between kids at a table: stagger meal times/activities within the classroom
• Parent traffic to be monitored/staggered pick up and drop off